Golden Sun: Age of Alchemy

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The Golden Sun RP takes place about twenty years after the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It's currently open, though it has begun. (Note: Sadly, this RP has died. Mourn the RP.)


It is twenty years after the creation of the Golden Sun. The eight Adepts who saved the world and restored alchemy have gone on to be it's caretakers; each one guarding his or her element and preventing misuse. Prox is no longer militant, and has rejoined society and the world at large and is regaining some of its ancient glory. It has a fairly large tourist industry, too! But all is not well. Despite the efforts of the caretakers, there are still those who would misuse alchemy. Enemies both old and new are gathering their forces. An ancient empire that is not Lemuria or Prox is preparing to begin their conquest anew, and a certain Mercury Adept is out to gain the power he believes he deserves...

Player Characters


These are plot-relevant characters created or simply controlledby the GM, Author-Man.

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